Home Again, Finnegan

I’m home.  I’m exhausted. I’m utterly relieved that I have tied up all the loose ends with my ex, and he can’t become my problem again.  I’m happy.  I miss my friends, and I miss that life up there.  I love my life here.

Talk about conflicted emotions!  But I know they will settle out over the next few days.  I know one thing, that having someone in your life you can count on to do the right thing, to treat you right, who has true honest care and concern and love for you, makes all the difference when you have a big job to do.  Having someone all your friends like, who wants to be part of your life, and wants you to be part of his, makes all the difference in the world.

I can say, I’m home now.  Even though I won’t make it to my house til tomorrow.  I’m home now.  I will work out all the mixed emotions over the next couple days.  It’s all good.  Right now?  There may be a hot tub in my future.

Love and light.

2 responses to “Home Again, Finnegan

  1. And they say “you can’t go home again”.
    I would love to give you crap about being the girl in pink shades but I’d be on a pink cloud too, if I were you.
    Finishing up old business, your friends finally excepting a man you are with (please tell us your friends did not approve of “wack job” or “Simple Simon), and going home again successfully! These are big deals each on their own, but together they are a home run.
    Well, I am being kind today. But if you tell us D’dude did something to add just a little excitement to even one minute of your trip and I will give it an official “2020 seal of revenge” approval. (car accidents don’t count, lol )
    PS: you’re supposed to feel emotion after visiting “old home week”. Heck, I feel the same way every night when leaving the pub down the street, I’m going from old home to new home. Oh, I didn’t tell you, I don’t sleep at the bar anymore! lmao

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