Lottery Tickets

We got into this thing with the friends we stayed with in CT about lottery tickets. Powerball and Mega Millions were up there, around $300M each. Joe, the friend, and Dan bought some tickets for the last drawing, and agreed to split the winnings. Since there were no winners for Wednesday night’s drawing, and we were going to be gone for the next drawing, we agreed to buy $20 worth each and split the winnings.

Today, when we got back from Dan’s house from mine, we found a voice mail from Joe saying he’d bought his 20 Powerball tickets for tonmineight’s drawing! Not $20 worth, but 20 tickets! $60 worth!!! OMG, wth.

First of all, we had forgotten to buy them at all, with all the packing, unpacking, lawn mowing, laundry, grocery shopping for 2 places that went on in the last couple days. But, we’d only planned to get $20 worth or about 7 tickets. Now we had to figure out what to do. I said, “Just tell him you’ve got the tickets but only $20 worth, you must have misunderstood.” Then we settled on saying “We’ve got our tickets.” Dan left to run to the store for the tickets, and I stayed and started dinner.

He came back in the door 10 minutes later. (The store is a half mile away.) He said, “I couldn’t do it.” I asked what he couldn’t do. He said, “Lie to the guy. I just can’t lie to the guy for $60.” I smiled and said, “That’s the guy I love. WTH, it’s $40. And he’s a good friend.” Dan replied, “I don’t think I could lie to a friend for a million.” And honestly, I’m sure he couldn’t. He’s like me in that, perhaps moreso.

Character. Some people just don’t have it in them to lie. I hope I’m one of them. I know he’s one of them.

It’s wonderful to have someone in my life who is basically incapable of lying, even over something as insignificant as lottery tickets. Pinch myself again. If we win nothing, I already won.

Love and light.

2 responses to “Lottery Tickets

  1. LOL, nice to not lie for $60. Let’s see what he does if you win the 300 mil. lol
    Love is blind the neighbors aren’t, remember that.

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