You know, That Moment With the Ice Water

Yesterday was a little rough, it seems, as I look at it in retrospective. Well, ok, not the day, but the evening.

I was tired. I have been sleeping, as I said previously, really well. But I’m still exhausted from the trip and the subsequent return and getting everything back in order. Not to mention that I have let go of so much in the last two weeks. I am tired, and looking forward to sitting around for a day practicing “the art of doing nothing.” LOL. I began last night.

I had a couple glasses of white wine, to finish off a bottle that was in Dan’s fridge. Then we decided to open a bottle of pinot noir for dinner and I had a couple more glasses. And I wrote, and vegged on the couch, and talked. Did nothing except a little cooking for dinner that was on the grill mostly.

However, yesterday, I got bit by the biting ants that are everywhere down here. Bit in the foot, I am guessing I must have stepped on the ant hill as I got out of my car. And man, do those bites itch. A kind of burning itch. Which gets worse as the day goes on. I had Benadryl gel on the bites, which helped a little but by the time I went to bed, the bites were making me crazy. I got up around 1 AM and tried vinegar. It worked real well for about a minute. When I got up so did Dan, and we were up watching TV for about an hour. He gave me another anti-itch spray to try, that didn’t work. I finally took a Benadryl capsule, which I should have done ages before. And finally around 2 AM I thought I could sleep.

So I went over to Dan, told him I was going back to bed. I had a glass of ice water in my hand to take with me. I had an itchy foot, and was really sleepy by now, and was a little unbalanced because of my arthritis, my sleepiness, and a few other random things. So here I am, trying to be all sweet and loving and I spilled ice water on Dan. Yep.

“I guess I should just get out of here and go to bed…..” I whispering sheepishly, as he laughed hysterically. I went to bed, he followed shortly, we fell asleep quickly. Finally, at 2 AM.

Just, you know that night when you are exhausted, sore, itchy, and you dump ice water on your man. Yeah, that. Not good.

I’m better this morning. The itch is better, though still there. I’m still tired, but I think I have my wits about me much better than I did at 2 AM last night. I hope.

Love and light.

3 responses to “You know, That Moment With the Ice Water

  1. Ice water? Sounds like fun to me. San Francisco fans will agree with me. Is that too old school or to experimental for the Luv U. crowd?
    Either way, I hope you stop scratching your bites and start scratching your itch!
    As usual, 2020 wishing revenge and lust on the world, all for the good guys. For the crap on my shoe, I hope you all get to stay there and watch the rest of us have a party.

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