Sunrise, Etc.

We have been at my sisters for a couple of days, out on the island. We’re supposed to go every couple weeks to walk through for the insurance co, and had been planning to go. My sister called Monday morning, because a neighbor down here had called her to tell her that her pool heater was on and her back gate was open. He shut the pool heater off and secured the gate. We headed down yesterday morning to see what was up.

When we got there, it was apparent to us that someone had gotten into the yard, and been using the grill, the apartment, and the pool. We took pics and sent them to my sister. We talked to her and my brother-in-law and got instructions. We resecured everything, including hiding the keys to the apartment and house in new places there. Then we went off to my favorite restaurant for happy hour drinks and appetizers. It was a gorgeous afternoon.  This pic is from the restaurant.

Beach House

The bar at the beach

This morning we made it up for sunrise. What a gorgeous morning. The sun comes up about 7 here this time of year. It was cooler then, around 80° I guess. As we walked down the dock we were greeted by a large heron. Then we just made it to the end of the dock in time for the sun to peek over the horizon and paint the sky in dayglow oranges, yellows and pinks. I thought I’d share some of the pics I took. Love and light.



2 responses to “Sunrise, Etc.

    • Thanks JoAnna. All was well when we left, and more secure. It’s such a lovely place. It just seemed someone was using the place. They didn’t get into her house, and won’t get in at all again. She might be suspecting the pool guy who maintains the pool when she’s gone. But if it was, I’m pretty sure he got caught, and won’t try it again.

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