Let Me Explain….

Someone called me “Miss love and light” tonight. I guess it’s appropriate, given that I end every blog with that. I consider myself a light warrior. Meaning….I do my best to raise consciousness by shedding light on things hidden in the darkness, and extending love. I told this person that some fights are worth fighting and she was surprised. I think she mistook “love and light” for weakness.

In actuality, only love can destroy hate. Only light can obliterate darkness. Love and light are the weapons of those of us who choose not to hate, but to change things for all people, to lift all people, or at least as many as possible. I don’t play games, not with people in my life, not with readers of my blog. There is no pretense with me. I won’t steal your pain either, because you need it to grow, but I won’t add to it.

But I have fought the good fight many times in my life, and won. I fought my way out of a marriage to a sick, controlling man, I fought to get my son out of it, I fought all the way to the Supreme Court to get what was mine from that long miserable marriage. I’ve fought to have people in my life who I later found out had nothing to offer me, but were quite willing to take from me all I could give.

I believe that life is not about isolating ourselves, sitting back behind our closed doors ensconsed in our little self-created world and ignoring the pain that the rest of the world deals with, or feeling sorry for ourselves, or feeling nothing at all. Some deal with life by projecting as much pain as they can on others. Some deal with it by showering it with love and light. And some separate themselves from the rest of us, and don’t get involved. If you’re not involved, then you can’t complain about the way things turn out, can you? Some people play games, pretending to be one thing to one person, and someone else to another. And laughing about it behind their backs. I guess that’s projecting your own pain too.

“Miss love and light” (should that be all capitals?) isn’t going to change. I will continue to fight the good fight when it knocks on my door, but I will do it in a way that I hope lifts us all, and in the end, helps people understand that we are all one thing, and we need to take care of each other.

Love and light to all.

7 responses to “Let Me Explain….

  1. Q of light, now we’re talking!
    Are you going to use a light sabre to cut the junk off the trash?
    Or maybe a flash bang to shock the deviants back to the light side.
    Either way you do it, I’m good with it.
    You go Ms. Love and Light. Illuminate those ignorant pieces of trash back to the dark ages.
    Oh, while you are at it I would enjoy watching you go to work on that piece of shit you use to write about. After all, this maybe our only chance to watch you assist karma in doing what it does best . So bend them all over and us e that 4 foot sabre on them all.
    As usual, wishing karma to all, with love in honor of you, Ms. WetGirl.

    • Q of light? Maybe the queen? Lol. I don’t think a light sabre is exactly what I’d use, but let your imagination fly, lol. You might come up with something useful. As for the “has been” in my life…just leave him there. No need to work on him, he’s his own worst enemy and there are others fucking with him now. I’ll leave it to them. Love and light 2020.

  2. Yes, Queen Warrior of Light.
    Btw, don’t you know, Han Solo burnt the balls off a whole universe of trash with a light sabre.
    Apologies to the Love U. crowd. I only get this chance once, to talk real to our Wet One.
    As usual, peace and revenge to all, 2020

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