Settling Back Into Life

It felt so good to get back to the open mic night last night. We had missed the last 3 with our CT trip, so it was great to catch up with friends, under the stars, listening to more friends making music. Finally, we are getting back into the groove here, and not waking in the night wondering where we were and where was the bathroom.

That happened for sure, to both Dan and I. Wake up and head the wrong way for the bathroom. Crazy. It’s also been weird, because we both have a lot of stuff to do after being gone 2 ½ weeks. But we both find it hard to say goodbye, see you in a few hours, because we’ve been together like 24/7 now almost a month. Crazy, but wonderful.

I’m going to plan a writer’s group meeting for next week. Probably Tuesday, the day of the eclipse. One of my friends wants to have a picnic Monday night because she feels like there will be a great sunset the night before the eclipse. Personally, I don’t think the eclipse makes any difference. Last night’s sunset was amazing, even though we could only see it partially, through the trees. How much better can it get? IDK.

I’m having a hard time saying yes, because I am not crazy about picnics. Seem like a hassle to bring your food etc to a park. I’d rather eat at home and just go have a drink and watch the sunset. She kept trying to pin me down, but I told her I haven’t been in one place long enough to know what we’re doing. That we have to see what’s happening, if anything, with Dan’s family. Both he and I don’t want to make any commitments, just stay home and relax.

I guess I should get my stuff done so I can head over to his place in a couple hours. Good to be home, back in my regular happy and contented life.

Love and light, everyone.

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