Honing My Manifesting Skills

My computer is dying, apparently.  I thought I’d fixed it, but apparently not.  Sometimes it turns on and sometimes it does not.  Thank goodness Dan has a spare lap top I can use till I either resolve it, or get a new one, which seems the likely answer at the moment.

We had a fun day today.  We’ve been talking about getting a boat, somewhere in the 25′ range.  It’s purely a discussion now, but we thought we’d see what slip prices are in the area.  So this morning, after we went for breakfast, we checked out the St. Petersburg Municipal Marina.  It’s a huge marina on Tampa Bay.  We walked around the docks, which was a lot of fun, despite the heat.  Boats from 18′ up to mega yachts over 100′.  The access to Tampa Bay is direct, and it’s really a beautiful location.  Trouble is, it has a 2 year waiting list.  Which is probably ok for us, because at the moment the whole thing is a pipe dream, though there’s a good possibility that it may come to pass one day.  Anyway, it’s a lot of fun think about, and who knows what the future may hold.

I think though, that my heart at the moment is more into our cruise and trip to Italy next spring.  Now that we’ve settled back in here, I plan to go to work on that this week, and contact the travel agent.  I’m pretty excited about this trip, and Dan is too

It’s really cool to dream dreams and have them come true.  I guess I have been honing my manifesting skills for awhile now, lol.  My house in Florida, my new life here, and an amazing man who stands heads above anyone else who’s ever been in my life.  So, Italy is the next thing on my list. Now if I can just manifest winning powerball tickets!

Love and light to all.


4 responses to “Honing My Manifesting Skills

  1. The lottery is a fun one to try to manifest. I will admit though, I never actually achieved my dream (yet) of hitting the large powerball jackpot though lol. When I stopped choosing a certain game, I realized I started to win a lot of little things here and there. Not just in lottery either (as I stopped asking for a “lottery” win). It started with little drawings, and games; which was fun and exciting even though it wasn’t much money at the time.

    Though, I will admit my favorite was when I went gambling at the casinos. I went in with $3 (to test my luck), and came out with over $200. But I will have to admit the time I had was worth more than I won in cash as me and my best friend were having a blast winning.

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