We have to find eclipse glasses this morning.  The eclipse will be 75% here, at around 2:45.  We just decided we’re going to go to a beach, because it will be easier to view it, if we find the sunglasses, from the beach. And if we don’t, well, it still will be a cool place to sit in the semi-darkness and absorb the vibe.

I’ve been reading up on the metaphysical effects of a solar eclipse.  Since it messes with our circadian rhythms, (you know, the cycle of light and dark of day and night) it can affect our bodies to have it dark in the middle of the day.  I’ve read that it is often a time of spiritual awakening, because it awakens our third eye chakra.  I’ve read it’s a great time of healing, of emotional wounds, and often brings about a new start, a new path.

Which I guess is why veteran eclipse chasers say if it’s your first eclipse, expect to feel forever changed.  Even if you don’t buy into any of the spiritual effects, it’s still a really cool thing to experience the sun, moon and earth in perfect alignment.  Of course for me, personally, I have to think how could that NOT affect us all?

Well, you know this is right up my alley, lol.  Changes have been brewing and bubbling up as it is in my life lately.  It will be awesome to view this event with someone with whom I feel so connected.  I’ve been so preoccupied in the last few weeks, I’ve only begun to direct my attention toward the eclipse in the last day or so.  Hope I find the eclipse glasses!

Love and light.

2 responses to “Eclipse-ing

  1. I had no interest in looking at the eclipse itself due to being just a little paranoid about my vision. As I’m not a fan of bright light, seeing the effect of darker/softer light in my backyard was eerily beautiful. Everything seemed to be easier to focus on. Maybe there were subliminal spiritual effects, too.

    • We couldn’t find the glasses, all sold out, and the box didn’t really work. But there were a few eclipse watchers at the beach who loaned us their glasses. We were in the 80% zone, but it was noticably dimmer, kind of surreal light. We went and put our feet in the water, at Dan’s suggestion, because, as he said, “you being who you are, I think you need to be in the water.” LOL. They say it’s a good time for change…..who knows!

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