Grilling, and Other Random Bits

I’m getting a grill today. Dan is buying me (us) a natural gas fired grill. We’ve been talking about it, because I don’t have one. I like having a grill but wouldn’t spend the money. Finally, I guess, he couldn’t take not having one any longer, lol, and is gifting it to me. It will arrive today. My handyman said he would connect the gas line going into the house. We will put the grill together. Oh, ok, Dan will. I will assist, like hand him tools, or try not to distract him, lol.

Last night we went to happy hour at a restaurant that had $5 appetizers and half price drinks, and filled ourselves up for $25. Then we walked a block down to the open mic venue and sat down with a few of our friends. Open mic started out very slow, with not many people, and not many performers. It’s the slowest of the slow season right now, and I’m guessing that the thunderstorms around when it started kept people from coming on time, although none here in town. But as people realized it wasn’t going to rain, and the sky cleared to blue again, they began to show up. As it turned out, it was a really good, unusual night with a few new performers, a few old ones coming back, and a bunch of fun.

The other day we went to the beach for a couple hours. It was unbelievably hot, but there was a breeze. The ocean water was not much cooler than the air, but it’s lovely. You could stay in it for hours. We contemplated going to the bar on the beach but opted for the “bar” at home, which is free, lol. I love going to the beach here because it’s not an all day affair. It’s a matter of saying, “Want to go to the beach?”, grabbing 2 beach chairs, 2 bottles of water, and the beach bag in which there is a towel and sunscreen, putting on bathing suits, and driving 5 miles. Then, when you get to the beach, it’s generally never very busy, like the picture below. Love beautiful, uncrowded beaches.

Been a few busy, but happy days. Love and light.

8 responses to “Grilling, and Other Random Bits

  1. OK, good idea. Late October, anybody that writes, reads or comments, see you all at WetGirl’s place, we will swim in the Gulf, smoke and drink a little too much, and find out if any of us are real.
    Oh, and if you don’t smoke or drink too much you are still welcome. I’m sure you have some kind of bad habit you can share with us. We are always willing to learn here at the U-love Institute of learning.
    I am going to try to convince folks that revenge and personal responsibility through karma is a good habit, along with eating great food. What can we expect to learn from everybody else?

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