Just Enjoying

Dan had his brother over to watch the fight last night. I made my locally famous cheese dip, and tried to settle in with them and watch the fights. Now, I used to watch boxing, decades ago when it was Ali, Frazier and Foreman, and I probably watched it because we had 3 channels and my ex wanted to watch them. However, I’d forgotten that there are fights on before the big fight, and that the big fight wouldn’t be on til around midnight. So….I sat up until I was asleep in the recliner, and went to bed. The guys, of course stayed up, and finished the cheese dip, as well as other stuff. They were admirably quiet, (though Dan denies this) so I could sleep.

I still am having issues with my laptop being temperamental and not turning on half the time. I’ve gotten it to be better, but think I’ll try to take it in for service next week. It’s really irritating. Even though Dan has a spare I can use, mine has all my data on it, and all my blogs, which I write in Word and paste into WordPress. I do this because I’ve too many times typed a whole blog and suddenly it disappears, never to be seen again. I hope the computer can be fixed. It’s only 2 years old.

My grill came Friday afternoon, in a big box, and needed assembly. Dan set to work on it, and I sat out with him while he did it, just to hold things for him, and look at the assembly drawings. I actually helped, lol, a little. But it went smoothly and easily. We didn’t have to backtrack at all, which is usually what happens to me alone. No frustrations, no arguments. Between us both, we managed to just get through it, and now I have a natural gas grill, just waiting for gas hook up. My handyman called and said he’d do it Monday. We are pretty excited to be able to cook on the grill when we’re at my house. We just learned how to make pizza on the grill, and I swear, it was the best pizza ever!

Today is promising to be another hot Florida day, maybe a thunderstorm later. Just sitting around vegging today. Enjoying life.

Love and light.

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