Money Well Spent

Sometimes you get to say “money well spent”! And I got to yesterday!.

My handyman came to hook the gas up to the new gas grill. Naturally he had to shut the gas off to do it, so he had to relight all the pilot lights. Which are just my stove/oven, and my hot water heater. When he went to get the hot water heater pilot back on, it wouldn’t light. Dan and the handyman fooled with the igniter thing for maybe a half hour. We found a video on youtube to get it started but still no luck.

Then I remembered that on my electric bill, every month, I pay $7 for insurance to repair or replace my hot water heater, even if it’s gas, up to $1000. And so…I called them, and they are here at 8:30 this morning to fix it, for free! Well, ok, it’s not free. It’s the $7 a month I’ve been paying for about 6 months.

How cool is that? It could have been a decent sized plumber’s bill, if I hadn’t paid that insurance. Very happy about that! I also pay them $5 a month for the house wiring. Anything that goes wrong, up to $1000, they will fix. Since it’s an old house, I thought it would be a good idea to buy it.

And the good news is that the gas grill works perfectly. We grilled steaks last night. I don’t eat much red meat, but it tasted kind of good. We are pretty excited to make pizza on the grill though! Which we will do later this week.

We’re headed to my sisters place for the bi-weekly walk through. It’s promising to be a beautiful day so we’ll probably go to the beach this afternoon. A vacation from my vacation-like life, lol. It’s a rough life but someone has to live it, lol.

Love and light everyone.

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