Curing My Son’s Jonesing

Waiting for brownies, salted caramel brownies, to cool, so I can cut them, and send some to my son in a care package. When I told him that I’d made cheese dip the other day, he started jonesing for it, and he knows how to make it. Well…Velveeta cheese is the main ingredient, and it doesn’t need refrigeration until it’s opened.

So, I’m sending him a care package with enough Velveeta (half original, half jalapeno) to make the dip, along with a can of Rotel tomatoes and green chilies. He’ll have to buy the sausage, hamburger, and a jalapeno pepper, along with the nachos. Also including a gladware container of freshly baked white chocolate macadamia cookies, a jar of Wickles pickles, a new toothbrush, lol, and the brownies. Oh yeah, and a check for $50.

He’s been doing real well lately. Dealing with some issues at work, and coming through with shining colors and a promotion. Dealing with a self-centered roommate. But he’s working through it all, learning to solve the problems that come with life. Like I told him, welcome to being an adult, lol.

I’m quite proud of him. He’s a gutsy kid to move 2000 miles away from everything he’s ever known, and create a new life, successfully. Love that kid to bits.

Once the brownies cool enough to cut, I’ll wrap up the box and take it to the post office here in town, which is housed in one of the touristy gift shops. After that I’ll head to Dan’s, where we can go in the pool if we get too hot, since the heat index this afternoon is around 110°. These are the days that run up the AC bill. It will cool down a bit in about 6 weeks though….and then the weather is gorgeous til next may.

Off to check the brownies. Love and light, all.

2 responses to “Curing My Son’s Jonesing

  1. Don’t forget to drop some off in Cleveland, after all you have to practically fly over me to get there.
    Btw, how are the douche-bag and baggette doing? You know, the 2 self absorbed hypocrite that you once thought were ok people.

    • Sadly, I won’t be riding my broom personally to Colorado, or I might drop off a package. I haven’t purchased a drone yet…..

      As for the DB and Bgt, I have no idea. Both are personna non grata in my life, haven’t read or heard anything from either of them, and that’s a good thing. Out of sight, out of mind. Besides, I have better things to occupy my time and my thoughts now. 🙂

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