I’ll Take Care of You

This afternoon we had just gotten back from my sisters house when my friend Beth stopped by just to say hi. She was a professional singer at one time, and we were talking about open mic night tonight. I have been trying to get her to sing a song by Beth Hart for a long time, because she has the voice for it. She does blues really really well.

This afternoon she told me to pick one and she’ll try to do it. I quickly printed off the words to “I’ll Take Care of You” by Beth Hart, with Joe Bonamassa playing blues guitar. She listened to it twice on my phone, with the words in front of her, busily making notes. She was wondering out loud, who, if any, of the “house band” on open mic night could play with her. Then we gave her a ride home, and planned to pick her up later when it was time to get to the open mic night.

At open mic night Beth was there with the print out of the words to the song, and also a page I’d printed showing the guitar chords for the song, in case she could get someone to play with her. She considered doing it acapella but we decided that the song really needs the accompaniment to sound good. We had thought of one of the guys we thought could do it, but he doesn’t always come to open mic. He came, and agreed to try the song. They went off to practice it. It was his first time hearing the song. When they went up to play it, another guy played his bass, even though he didn’t know the song either, and someone drummed the one small drum they have. So there are 4 musicians about to perform Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa who have never practiced it together.

It went perfectly! They did the song justice. The audience cheered like crazy.! One of my friends turned around to tell me “Beth owes you, that was perfect for her!” It was the hit of the night. And it was a night of a lot of good performers.

It was so much fun, and I was so delighted to hear her sing that song, because I love it and she sang it so well. The musicians were fabulous, and the audience loved it. I’m putting a video of the masters, Beth Hart and Joe Bonamassa, doing this song live.

A fun night was had by all. Love and light, all.

2 responses to “I’ll Take Care of You

  1. I like that tune. But please put up a link of Beth Hart doing Lead Zepplin. It is one of my favorite versions of Beth Hart, she seems to be inspired. What do you think?
    It is almost like she comes from WaterWorld!!!!! Universal luv and all.
    Do you sing?

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