Go Away, Irma!

It’s looking like a high probability we are going to get hit with a Cat 5 hurricane next weekend. I guess it’s time to get some bottled water, and make sure I have food. I’m a little nervous about this.

I don’t live in a flood plain, but if it rains like in Houston, the entire state will be under water. In that case I don’t know what to do. There’s no where to evacuate that might be higher ground. Dan’s condo is in a flood plain, though it’s never flooded. However, it might be higher ground than my house. I’m not worried about the storm surge at my house, just the massive rains that may come with this storm.

It’s too early to know much. All the trajectories appear to cover FL, and the storm is powerful enough and large enough that a storm on the east coast is going to still be a hurricane on the west coast.

I’m worried about my sisters beautiful home on the island. She’s so close to the water, a storm surge will affect her, and the subsequent flooding could be horrible.

Lots of other stuff going on. We had a cookout for Dan’s family yesterday, which went very well. It was fun, and it made his 90 year old mother really happy. Dan and I did all the cooking.

I’m going to the dr today for my arthritis, which has flared a lot more and spread to my knees now. So, if I want to go to Italy, I need to get it improved so I can do a lot of walking. We’ve been talking to the travel agent, getting more information etc.

We were going to go to the Tampa Boat Show next weekend. I don’t think that will be happening now. There really isn’t much to think about with the threat of that hurricane looming in a few days. We’re talking, trying to figure out the best place to stay, at my house or his. He has his mother next door to worry about. But I have a 2nd bedroom she could stay in, and I will have cooking facilities because I have gas. I doubt that we would lose water, but it’s possible I suppose for the city water to shut down temporarily.

Well, more later. Gotta get in the shower and head to the store to see if there’s any water left. Love and light.

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