The Death of A Rat

How hypocritical is it of me to sign off a post “love and light’ and then….hear one of the traps we set for the fruit rats go off, and hear the rat struggle in the trap for a minute, and be glad.  And then to listen to “The Great Bell Chant”?  Geezus…..

The rats have been in the kitchen, but not in my pantry.  I have a bowl I leave stuff like potatoes and onions, and fresh tomatoes, in on the counter.  They chewed away half a tomato whle I was at Dan’s this past weeked, so when we came back to my house, he reset the traps.  I think it was maybe just one, because there are not a lot of rat poops on the floor.

Feeling a little guilty in taking so much pleasure in the death of a little animal, but I am.

Think I’ll go listen to the chant again….

Love and light, lol.

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