Hurricane Forecasting Burn-Out

I have realized tonight that this hurricane is wearing me out emotionally. Hyper-vigilance revisited. Sigh. Trying to keep up with the track of this mega monster storm is exhausting when it is actually days away. And then trying to figure out what we need to get by, with not just Dan and I, but with his mother and brother with us, in my tiny house. They are all under an evacuation order, and my house is on fairly high ground for FL (20′ above sea level). They are in flood zone A, I am in the lowest level threat zone, E. I am not particularly good with a lot of house guests, but Dan will work as hard as I will at this, and it will be fine. They are good people.

We have a ton of food, and gas to cook it on, and lots of ice. And plenty of drinking water. Today we both managed to find gas, we’d both been looking for 2 days.

Anyway, I’ve decided not to get so nervous and wound up about all the possibilities until Saturday. The forecast could change 10 times by then, so I’ll just wait. They all seem to agree it will hit here around Sunday afternoon.

Dan is telling everyone he’s tying me to a post out front, about 10′ off the ground, so the storm can’t take me. He promises to come untie me when it’s over. HAHAHA.  I think he’s jealous of all the people who are checking in on me, lol.

Time to call it a day, and go rest my storm-weary head.  Love and light.

5 responses to “Hurricane Forecasting Burn-Out

  1. WoW, Saint WetGirl. I don’t know about the way that sounds but for you to take a chance by bringing strangers into your house, you may be a Saint
    What are you going to do when they won’t leave? Eviction can take well over a month!
    2020 Esquire
    PS: That little weather ditty you people are having is somebody’s Karma. I mean I’m just sayin’

  2. You’re doing a great job getting ready. Having been through many hurricanes and near misses on the Carolina Coast, I recommend limiting your forecast watching/listening to two or three times a day if possible. You can always ask Dan to let you know if there are any changes. The tension in the news forecasts can make people crazy.

    • It really does! I guess it was good at first because we prepared for the worst, but then I realized why I was up all night the other night! I’ve lived through hurricanes up north, but I think it’s different down here, where the water is warm. This one will last about 24 hrs here, up north they are moving so fast they’re only around for an afternoon. So now, I’m keeping an eye on it but not getting too wrapped up in the forecasts.

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