Storm Prep, Con’t

Up early to head over to my sisters. We want to get over there and finish and head back here by noon. The storm lost a minuscule amount of strength overnight, down to 180 mph, with gusts to 220. It’s a huge storm and even the most easterly track will keep me in the tropical storm range. But tropical storm is so much better than a cat 4 or 5.

I think we’re as ready as we can get. We’ll pick up the food-grade pails today, and get them filled. I want to give the house a good once over cleaning before we lose power which I think is a sure thing. I just hope it’s not 95° for the next few days after the storm, when we have no AC. First world problems, I guess.

Only a short entry this am. A lot to do today. Love and light, all.

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