Another Day in the Life of Irma

I spent the day cleaning the bathroom and the floors, and talking to a bunch of my friends up north who were checking on me. Dan got supplies put together at his house and then came over here and made a big pot of chili for Sunday when everyone is here. When dinner time came around tonight, we decided to go out and get a sandwich.

We were just sitting down, and we saw two of our friends about to walk into the restaurant. It was the guy who MC’s open mic night and his wife. His wife is one of my new best friends in this town. They sat down with us, and we had such a nice dinner with them. They are such funny, down to earth people. I love living in a community small enough so things like that happen.

Tomorrow I’m making a pot roast for dinner. Dan’s mother and brother will be here, and I thought it was a good easy thing to make, and everyone likes it. It will be windy by then, not stormy but the first winds from Irma will be reaching us then.

We have a tentative plan in place to keep my front door from rattling. I think it would be unnerving to hear it rattling all night when the storm is at it’s strongest. Especially for Dan’s 90 year old mother!

They have upped our expected rainfall. It was 4’to 6”, but now is 6′ to 12”. Even with that amount, we will be ok. They are predicting some slight storm-surge here now too, as the storm is apparently tracking west, but not a huge amount. Even though the storm is coming closer to us, it is apparently going to weaken as it approaches, and will be somewhere between a tropical storm and a Cat 2 hurricane. Nothing to disregard, but not nearly as bad as it could be.

Soon it will all be over and I’ll have to write about something else, lol. Love and light.

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