Irma Update

These updates are probably getting boring, but they help me to rethink our preparations and make sure all bases have been covered.  So, I hope people can bear with me.

This morning we have good news (the storm will be a Cat 2 here and the rain only 4” to 6”) and bad news (the track is now further west, and closer to us), but I’m not taking any of it too seriously until tomorrow. We am prepared, already, for the worst.

It’s supposed to hit here late Sunday, and be gone by midday Monday. I hate that it’s gonna hit at night, when we can’t see what is happening. But still, I am sure we’ll be ok. Just thinking about my 90 year old front door, that it’s not air-tight. Maybe I should deal with that today and tomorrow.

Since the storm is now tracking a bit west, they are predicting storm surge on both sides of the state. So I’m glad we went to my sisters and got the stuff that we could up off the floor. Her place is like paradise to me, like a little cottage spa. I hate anything to happen to it.

At least we have been sleeping pretty well, so during the day we have the energy to get done what needs to get done. I am, again, so grateful and happy that Dan is in my life, and I am not going through this alone. I have to say that all of my friends here are checking on each other, making sure we all have a place to go, and have what we need. I keep hearing rumors of a party when it’s over, lol. Might be fun!

Time to get the day underway. Lots to do. Love and light, all.

10 responses to “Irma Update

  1. Hey friend, I thought of you with all the Irma talk in the media, and from seeing this post I reckon you are prepared! Just please follow the news like a nsrcissist stalker stalks their prey! 😉 I was worried about ya.

    I am sorry I am not in the blogging world, am just not up to it now, perhaps in the future. I am not doing very well, am kinda of just a bit “shut down”, emotionally. But things are okay anyway in the greater scheme of things. We don’t have anything like Irma here.. Anyway, hope all is well with you. Please give my love to all my old friends here in blogland, you know who they are, Laurel, Sam, Megan. Take care, be careful out there! 💜

    • So good to hear from you! Yes I’m prepared. I have a new love in kind life, he’s the kindest, most thoughtful man I’ve ever known. He treats me like I’m gold, and I adore him. So that makes all this easier. Megan has disappeared, I hope she’s in London. Laurel and I are not in touch any more. And I never was with Sam. Lol, I am not much help! Lol. But happy to hear you are ok in the grand scheme of things. I miss you and your posts. Keep in touch, please!! Love ya! Big hugs!!🤗💙

      • So happy you have a love in your life, really, you deserve that so that is great.!!

        Sorry to hear that you haven’t heard much from our old friends. Well people come and go I guess, but, sometimes they return too. Just look at me popping up here all of a sudden. 😁

        I was very worried about you about Irma, since I know you are in FL…. I have been anxiously following the news, even looked at some websites for Florida news.. and tried to wrack my brain to remember the exact name of that old cafe you talked about, so I could pinpoint your location, as to try and see on the news what will happen in your area as the storm passes over it. But I could only remember like half the name of that cafe so that kinda failed… 😆 Well and I didnt wanna ask you here on the blog, cause I completely understand that you wouldnt wanna shout out your exact location on a public blog, lol…

        So it was me who looked at some of your old blogs, just so you know, to try and find the name of the cafe. No luck. 🙂

        Well anyway, please keep watching the local news there a lot, and stay locked inside.
        I know I might sound a bit cray cray but the latest thing I saw on Miami news just an hour ago was that it seems Irma was gonna move more west… and still be very strong! 4 or 5.. 🤤😨🙈 I dont wanna scare you, this could be completely wrong but am a bit worried for ya. So pls stay updated on news and stay safe!! 💜

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