A Change for the Worse

Overnight, Irma has turned west, and this morning it looks like we are almost in the bull’s eye. It will reach us tomorrow afternoon as a strong Cat 3 storm, complete with a foot of rain and storm surge. We are all a little nervous this morning. As Dan said, it’s not just about the water any more. Cat 3 winds are 111 mph to 129 mph. My little house is so old, I hope she’s up to the task. I am grateful to have a new roof.

When we saw that forecast the realization hit that we will be here for a few days anyway, with his mother and brother. Four people is a lot in this little house, but there is no alternative, except a shelter which would be worse. There are many mandatory evacuations now, in low lying areas because there is now going to be a significant storm surge. I am very worried about my sister’s place, my little piece of paradise. I am not worried about mine being flooded, but just about holding together. I replaced 7 windows when I moved in, with hurricane proof windows. Dan’s going to get some wood he has at his place so we can reinforce a couple of the old windows in the back of the house. We will go back to his house later today to gather his family.

They say it will pass quickly, in 12 hours. That’s probably the only good news, if having a hurricane for 12 hours can in any way considered to be good. Up in New England, there were lots of big old trees around, it is heavily forested. So at least I don’t have that kind of worry. We’re bringing in all my plants and deck decorations this morning, putting all the furniture in my shed. I hope the shed is still standing tomorrow night.

Time to get busy. The change in forecast has created a new list of things to do. I’ll be posting as I can, til I lose power. Hopefully won’t lose cell service. As they say, shit is getting real.

Love and light.

3 responses to “A Change for the Worse

  1. I bet that old house has withstood a few hurricanes. And the new windows and roof will help. I’m praying the storm weakens much sooner than they predicted and praying for your safety. And remember: You might lose electricity, but you will still have power. 😉

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