Picking Up The Pieces

Sitting out on my deck, a good buzz on. Like ,a little overdone.

We spent the day trying to clean up the yard and the deck. We were successful. Until a crew from Texas showed up, walking through the backyard.  They were here to cut away the fallen tree next door, and any other vegetation which mess laying on any lines.  We were so hopeful!  See pictures below. 

We went up to check on Dan’s mother this afternoon. I decided to go out and sit in the car with the AC running, and take a nap while we charged his mothers kindle and a phone. It was wonderful.

Luckily it has not been terribly hot here,  mostly in the mid 80’s,  and fairly dry.

We tried to find ice on the way home without luck.  We still have some, but would like more. There is so much food we’re trying to at least keep cool.

We decided, on the spur of the moment, to go down to the waterfront and see if any of the bars were open. As it turned outthete was. We went to Neptune’s grill, where an over worked bartender was serving up cold drinks.  We met a couple of locals and had a few drinks with them.   It was a great break for hurricane weary folks.  Picture below is from the bar, featuring the weary, but really competent bartender!

When we got home, I was incompetent to make dinner, lol. So Dan made it. As we were sitting down his brother texted to tell us that power was on at his place, and then confirmed it was on at Dan’s.  So we are about to pack up and head up there to sleep in the air conditioning. Whoo Hoo!

Little by little, life returns to normal. Awesome!!!

Love and light. 😊

5 responses to “Picking Up The Pieces

  1. Years ago, after Fran or Floyd, we were without electricity for almost two weeks. I imagined how people got by hundreds of years ago. I appreciated AC and light so much after that.. I didn’t take it for granted for at least a few of months.

  2. My my, WetGirl. You really keep a messy yard! But then I shouldn’t be surprised, with the way you run around the bar scene in your neighborhood

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