The Day After The Storm

Tonight it was just Dan and I again. His mother and brother have gone home though they have no power.  I am so glad to have my house back to ourselves.  

I love them, they are family. His mom is so appreciative for the things we have done for her. But both she and the brother are deaf, with ill-functioning hearing aids so there is always shouting so they can hear. And they live to talk. It is difficult. Lol. 

The hurricane was disorienting to say the least. I couldn’t get my bearings today.  Finally managed to organize a nice dinner, something we could send home with his mother. We took her home, settled her in, and then came back. 

Sitting in the living room we were enjoying the peace and quiet. Had a glas of wine and a smoke, had a snack and went to bed. 
It’s weird, to sleep with all the windows open. The only sound is the hum of generators in the area. I am envious. As I write this Dan sleeps soundly. He is exhausted after days of planning, taking care of everyone, making sure the house was safely boarded up. He’s been sleeping only s few hours a night. It nakes me happy he’s sleeping. 

Tomorrow will begin the cleanup. We were told power won’t be restored until  probably the end of the week. We lost our water for 2 hours today which just about did me in. There is a ton of brush to clear out of the yard. There are some lines that are hanging low because branches are laying in them. 

I am tired, and I will try to get back to sleep now. I will need my energy tomorrow. 

 Love and light 


6 responses to “The Day After The Storm

  1. What kind of guy brings his mother to a hurricane party? He probably brings his dad to stag parties!
    I brought my father in- law to be to my bachelor party, best thing I ever did. He still doesn’t talk to me! 2020 πŸ™‚

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