Don’t Hold Yourself Back


Most mornings I read my horoscope on Sometimes it’s right on, often I feel like it’s a little behind. Often I think “duh!” when it tells me something that to me is obvious. This morning the last sentence was this:

“Faced with exams of life, the only thing you need to keep in mind is your own value and the love you deserve.”

Now I took issue with that. While of course we need to remember our own value, I think it’s more important to follow Marianne Williamson’s admonition to extend love, than it is to think about the love we deserve.

It’s true, to my way of thinking, that you will get back what you put out. If you focus on extending love, you’ll get love back, and that will be the love you deserve. Right? Isn’t that karma? It’s not just karma, it’s the law of attraction. Extend kindness, you’ll get kindness. Extend compassion, you’ll get compassion. Extend love, then you’ll get love. Be angry at the way you were treated in the past, you’ll get more of it. Feel sorry for yourself because of what happened to you when you were young, and you’ll get more to feel sorry for yourself about.

Giving acknowledges having. You can’t give what you don’t have. But if you give the little you have, soon you’ll find yourself with a lot more to give. There’s an old Neil Young song, Comes A Time, that says, “We were young, we were giving. That’s how we kept what we gave away.” Yeah. That’s how you do it.

It’s been true in my life, about so many things. When I focused on what I wanted, and not on the unpleasant crap that I went through, I generally, eventually got what I wanted. Sometimes even more than I asked for.

Don’t mean to pontificate.  Just my morning thoughts about focusing on the love you deserve. Focus on extending love. That’s what will free you up.

Love and light.

2 responses to “Don’t Hold Yourself Back

  1. Ok, you said karma, so I have to comment.
    This lesson was meant for 2 groups, I believe. People and asses.
    The assess are behind you. You can’t teach them, they aren’t capable of learning. But they do know karma, they just don’t understand her.
    Isn’t it great, karma can be a bitch .
    People, on the other hand, they will get it. They know Karma is a Gemini. She definitely has 2 personalities. She can love you or beat you, it’s our choice.
    Thanks for the reminder. 2020 is all about karmic lessons.
    2020 out. 🙂

    • Yep, karmic lessons are what it’s all about. Learn them, and move on. Don’t learn them, and take the lesson over. I don’t like covering the same real estate twice. Or 10 times. Even though I have, lol. I think I’ve corrected that behavior, finally.

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