Still No Power.

Still no power. It is getting old. Thankfully we have Dan’s house to stay in, which is like home to me too, but I long for my house, to sleep in my own bed. I know I’m very lucky. So many many people have it so much worse from this storm.

We thought we had power, based on the outage maps online. We called and plugged in the house address and were told there was no outage. So we went shopping and spent $250.00 to resupply my house, took the food over and still had no power. After I called and spoke to someone at Duke Energy, who apologized and said it would be on by tonight, we took all the stuff that needed refrigeration to Dan’s as quickly as possible. I don’t think the ice cream melted.

Dan just got notice that Duke Energy won’t be sending out disconnection notices or charging late fees til all the power is back on. Wow. Big of them. They won’t disconnect you from power you don’t have. What is that? Arrogance? Ridiculousness?

We spent the afternoon resting. Dan from his fire ant bites and me from my arthritis which is really acting up since this storm. Then we decided to go out to a movie. Neither of us has been to a movie in over a year. It was fun. It was located in downtown St. Pete. A beautiful huge complex.

It turned out to be a nice day, and no food was lost, lol. I just talked to them again, and they say estimated to be on by midnight tonight, and at the latest tomorrow. I’ll believe it when I see it.

Love and light.

4 responses to “Still No Power.

  1. Great to see you are hanging in there and didn’t suffer any greater damages. I do understand it must be super annoying about the power outage though! I would go crazy… take care! 🙂

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