Reflecting for a Moment

It’s quiet this morning. Silent in my house. It’s been a long time since I sat in stillness, alone. It’s good for me, I think. I have gotten away from the practice of daily meditation. I think I need to re-establish that practice. It always did me good. Lately, I’ve been so consistently happy, I didn’t feel the need. Amazing how the lack of drama in your life can free you up to just enjoy it.

Not that I haven’t had drama. The whole thing with my ex, his being institutionalized, having to go to CT and inventory his things. And then to come back and a couple weeks later have a massive hurricane to prepare for, and deal with the aftermath. But those things aren’t personal drama. I said to Dan at some point after the hurricane, “I’m so glad you and I have no drama! I can’t imagine how hard all this could have been if we had any drama at all in our relationship.” He totally agreed with me. It is a new-found joy to me, to be in a loving relationship that is supportive in every way.

So, it’s silent in my house because he had to leave early to go back home and take care of some things there. He’ll be back later, and we’ll go to open mic, happily. It’s been canceled for 2 weeks now, because of Irma. Really looking forward to that tonight.

Yesterday we drove to my sister and brother-in-law’s house. We didn’t spend the night because we had so much still to do here.  They were so lucky with this storm, that it went east and not west. Their home is basically unscathed. A couple of panels covering a soffit blew out, and the yard and pool are still not completely caught up, but the house itself had no damage at all. There could have been terrible flooding had the storm gone further west as predicted. She lost a lot of her lemons and grapefruits off the trees, but not all. The orange tree is laden with fruit, and we didn’t see any on the ground. I am so happy that that little piece of paradise is so intact.

One of my favorite beaches a couple miles from my sister showed the power of that storm.  Half the beach is still closed as they try to remove all the trees and limbs that fell.  Everywhere you go, there are piles and piles of brush, tree limbs, cut up trees, waiting to be removed.  Even though that storm went east of us, 100 mph winds did a lot of damage.  We were so lucky though, it could have easily been so much worse.

It’s a good thing, to have some time for reflection. Love and light to everyone.

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