Writer’s Group Reflections

My girlfriends “Writer’s Group” came over yesterday afternoon. We always have such a good time. A little smoke, a little wine. I kept my wine down to 1 glass. It wasn’t even that hard! I read  the first installment of my story to the girls, and they had so much good advice and help for me, especially the one who used to teach drama at a private school, and the one who used to be a judge. So this morning I’ll get busy on re-working some of it to take in those suggestions, and then I’ll just keep writing the next installment.

I showed the girls my new steps, and the generator in my back yard (it’s not put away yet). I told them I will be the “IN” place for the next hurricane. They can come over here and the AC will be going, and the gas grill, and the stove and we will just have a hurricane party, lol.

I spent the night alone here last night, because of the girls coming over. I was sitting here watching The Voice, and reflecting on how I’ve been here a year now, and all the changes that have taken place in my life. I’ve not regretted my move for a minute. I was talking about numerology with my friends last night and how cool I thought it was that my house number here reduces to an 11….the powerful energy portal, the start of new things. Also, going back to CT helped me to realize I didn’t have to give up anything up there that I loved. Keep the good, let go of the bad. It wasn’t all that hard!

Of course, having Dan into my life is one of the best things that has happened to me.  One thing that I love about Dan is his realism. He always says that everything we do is a choice. I have said that too, in the past, but have strayed a bit from that strict belief. I had begun to think that loving someone was not a choice, but now, I would go back to the belief that it is. And probably that what I thought before was love, wasn’t. It was something I needed on my journey, but it wasn’t love. I would guess there was a lesson there that I needed to learn, and that lesson probably helped me to become a woman that Dan could love and trust, because I see things so much more clearly now. At least, that’s what I believe. It was not what I thought it was at the time, but it was part of my life’s journey and there was a good lesson for me in it.

But I still think I manifested him, lol. All those years of me saying that I just wanted to know the love of a good man before I die. A good man, as in kind and thoughtful and faithful and considerate and generous and easy to be with. And funny….God, don’t forget funny. Almost 5 months later, it’s better than ever.

Enough waxing poetic, lol. Time to refill my coffee cup get to work on my story. Love and light, everyone.

2 responses to “Writer’s Group Reflections

  1. I’m not usually prone to give compliments but this dude you are talking about might be a genius!
    2020 spreading the word

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