Mega Brain Freeze and Other Stuff

Today I had a skin scan done, to have all my moles etc. checked out. I was lucky and nothing was dangerous, or even looked sketchy. But I had one tender spot on my forehead that the dr. felt I should have frozen because even though it was not anything to worry about, placed where it was, he thought it better to get rid of it now. He shot it about 10 times with what looked like a hand held welding torch that was full of liquid nitrogen.

Let me tell you, a shot to the forehead of liquid nitrogen is colder than any brain freeze you ever got from a Slurpee or a Snow-Cone.And he shot it 10 times. I left there at 4 PM with a massive headache, stopped at the store for a few things for dinner and then finally, asked Dan if he would mind missing open mic tonight. Because even though the burning/freezing sensation is gone, the headache is not.

I know, whine whine wine. I am not prone to headaches, thankfully. So I complain when I get one. This one has me just wanting to go to bed. I’m sure I’ll be ok in the morning. To top it off, some of our friends posted video and pics of open mic tonight and it looked like we missed some really good performances by our friends.


The rest of the day was good, and productive. The lawn got mowed, the generator battery got charged and put on the generator, we got new lights strung on my banyan tree, and the rest of the brush that came down in the yard from the hurricane put out on the curb. Busy.

I haven’t had time to sit and focus on my fiction writing for a couple of days. I think I need to do it in the middle of the night, lol. Tomorrow I think we’re going to the beach. Haven’t been in ages mostly bcause in the summer here it’s just too hot, and muggy. But now it’s perfect, hot, but not so muggy, and the water in the Gulf of Mexico is still in the high 80’s. So, I think we’ll have breakfast in the morning and go hang out on the beach for a few hours. Sounds like a nice plan, right? Love being retired, spending the day doing exactly as we please most of the time.

Love and light……

9 responses to “Mega Brain Freeze and Other Stuff

  1. Swimming in the ocean (or a cool shower) often helps my headaches. I’ve heard that water is good for just about anything. At least you don’t have to worry about that spot.

  2. I will have to take your word for it. Because where I come from we eat our snow cones and slurpees. We don’t apply them to our forehead.
    Is this like that licking toads thing you do?
    2020 still learning (but I think I will continue to eat my summer treats)

    • I seriously stopped licking toads when I found a prince who was never reptilian. 😊 I’m glad you don’t put slurpees and snow cones on your head, because slurpees make a mess of your face and snow cones give the appearance of a misplaced dunce cap. And you’re no dunce. Continue eating those treats, it’s very refreshing. 😊

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