At The Beach

Day at the beach

We made it to the beach. It was a perfect beach day. Hot, not humid, a slight breeze. We laughed at ourselves when we got there because we remembererd the beach umbrella but not the beach chairs. We were ok though, because on the beach there were a lot of chaise lounges, and umbrellas and little canvas cabanas that kept a couple lounges out of the sun, which could be rented for not a ton of money. We got a cabana, and 2 chaise lounges for 3 hours for $20. It was great! It kept our stuff out of the sand while we were in the water, which was a lot. We probably spent almost 2 of the 3 hours in the water, because the water is still in the mid to high 80’s. This is not one of those places where everyone stays on the shore, occasionally dipping a toe, or even maybe running into the water and out to cool off. It is definitely a place where people come to be in the water. Today the gulf was calm.

It did me so much good to be at the Gulf for the day. Even though, most days the fact that I am close to it influences my mood tremendously. Yesterday I wrote that we hadn’t been to the beach for a long while because it’s been so hot and humid, you couldn’t bear to sit outside for long. This was true, but Dan reminded me that the reason was more likely that we had to run to CT for a couple weeks, and then hadn’t really recovered from that when Hurrican Irma showed up. And we’ve only this week caught up from that storm.

Anyway we were glad to get to the beach, and spend a few hours floating around in the ocean, and listening to the waves break. It was just what the doctor ordered. The pic at the top is one I took of our sandy feet sitting in the cabana looking out. I put it on FB too, and my sister commented, β€œToo bad it’s so crowded.” I had to laugh at that, because to my way of thinking, so used to the beaches up north, the beaches here are never crowded, even in season!

Love and light to all.

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