Working At Some More Difficult Tasks

I haven’t been blogging much lately, but I have been working on the fiction story I’ve decided to write. It’s much much harder than blogging, at least much harder than the way I blog. It’s a challenge though, and a good one. Making my mind work in ways it has not previously done. I’m enjoying it. The first chapter is done, and saved in drafts. But I decided not to publish it until the whole story is done, because I may need to tweak it a little.

I’ve been working at my newly diagnosed RA. The main thing I’ve done is when I’m at Dan’s I am actually working out gently in the pool. The doctor wants me to take a water aerobics class at the YMCA, but I haven’t yet, because I’m really selfish about my mornings, lol. I like to read and write for a couple hours in the morning, and I haven’t yet gotten myself to get going for the latest class which is at 9 AM. But when I go in the pool at Dan’s, I have been really working my legs and arms gently for around an hour and it really seems to help with the joint pain. We also go in the hot tub. Lately we’ve been going in the morning, around sunrise which is around 7:30 here. In the hot tub for 20 minutes and then the pool for about an hour. Sounds like a lot, but the water and air are about the same temp, so it’s really nice.

A nice side effect is that the exercise helps me to sleep. I’ve noticed that I get tired much more easily lately, which could be a side effect of the new med I am on. But I have been sleeping better. Also I’ve lost back 3 of the 7 lbs I gained during the stress of the trip to CT and Hurricane Irma. 7 lbs gained from irregular eating, and sleeping. Both the trip and the hurricane caused us to go out to eat a lot more than normal. Now that our fridges are both stocked, and we are cooking our meals at home for the most part, and I’m getting some exercise the weight is coming back off. Thank God, it scared the crap out of me to see it going up again!

Another thing I’ve done because of the RA is order Cannabinoids. I’ve done quite a bit of reasearch and, although the companies that sell them can’t make claims about their effectiveness, there are many many testimonials about it working on RA pain. It’s the part of the marijuana plant that is medicinal, without any of the THC that gets you high. I haven’t received my order yet, but am feeling very hopeful about it. I found a place on-line that sells a small (15 mL) which contains 1000 mg of full-spectrum CBD, which is a pretty high concentrate. Their testing is done under ISO 17025 guidelines, which I know from my work experience is a very, very high standard, and accepted around the world. It’s available in many different strengths. 1000 mg seemed a good place to start. I’ll report back, once I begin taking it, about it’s affect.

Mostly I’m looking for pain relief for the arthritis, because it really affects my quality of life. I’m kind of afraid of booking my trip to Italy at this point, because I know it will involved a lot, a real lot, of walking. I think though, that I’ll contact the agent and put a deposit on the cruise, to hold the price. Then we’ll have til December to decide if we’re actually going. I think the deposits are usually small enough that if I had to decide not to go, I wouldn’t lose a whole lot of money. But I suppose before I even assume anything I should contact the agent.

I’m kind of missing apple picking season up north. But not missing the cooler weather that’s coming in up there. I did love the orchards in the fall though. Pick a half a bushel of all different apples and then stop at the stand for some fresh made, still warm apple fritters rolled in cinnamon sugar, and some hot cider. Mmmmmm.

Love and light, everyone.

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