Choosing Pleasure

I wanted to write about entitlement today, because I have noticed that one of my friends feels very entitled to a better life than she has, but does nothing to work in that regard. Always looking for a pie in the sky. And looking for sympathy, for people to feel sorry for her, literally. I told her last night I was diagnosed with RA, and her response was not one question, or even “wow, sorry to hear that.” but to give me a a litany of all the ills she has, and how much worse off she is.

But I can’t write more than that today, because I’m sitting outside on my deck, and my irritation with that friend just lacks any passion. I have the bright Florida sunshine, a dry 85° temp, a breeze blowing through the palm and banyon trees in my back yard. I feel sorry for that friend that she can’t find her own way out of her situation. But then I let it go. Because life is so beautiful here.

backyard trees

I have a lovely group of friends here now. Yesterday my sculptress friend sent me a text that she’s putting some pendants that we collaborated on in a Christmas show at a premier gallery in St. Pete. I decided I’d better get them done and only have one left to do. She sculpted the pendants, and gave them to me to embellish with wire and/or beads. This is the latest one.


I have friends, and I have a great relationship with a really wonderful man. So, as for my friend’s sad state, well….I guess I don’t want to steal her pain any longer, because I have been since I got here. It’s a long story, we have been friends for a long time, but to write about it more would be giving validity to negativity, mine and hers. So you have to trust me on this. Or not, lol.

On the exact opposite side, 180° from that friend, is my sister and brother-in-law, who just got back to FL for the winter yesterday. So good to have her back. We are close, as sisters, as friends. And she and her hubby love Dan. They are people who I think are entitled to whatever I can do for them, because they have helped me out far above and beyond the call, and never requested anything for it. We had lunch with them as they passed through town yesterday. I’ll probably go over to their house next weekend, while Dan is out of town for a few days.

Trying not to steal pain, nor dole it out. Just living my life as best I can. I’m 66, I figure from here on out, I just just go for pleasure, joy, and happiness, and leave the negative stuff beside the road.

Love and light.

2 responses to “Choosing Pleasure

  1. I like your plan. After years of worrying about others, whether I’m doing enough, good enough, …. I’m starting to practice pleasure, soaking in the beauty. I think we’ve earned it.

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