Arthritis Updates: CBD’s and Gluten-Free

I’ve learned a lot about rheumatoid arthritis over the last few weeks, and have tried a few remedies for the joint pain. What I’ve found works best are CBD’s (or cannabinoids) and going gluten free. The first, CBD’s, was easy to do. I’ve smoked a joint or two in my life (which is really a quote from Dan). Last fall when I had a horrible stomach issue, the origin of which couldn’t be found, (and I have just found out it is inflammation related to RA) I was given a couple joints and when I smoked them it really alleviated the pain. The CBD’s are from the hemp plant (which is different from the marijuana plant) and are what contains all the pain killing properties, with none of the THC cannabinoid that gets you high. It works. I started with two drops under my tongue 4 times a day, and increased it to 5 drops 3 or 4 times a day, and it really does help with the joint pain. There are lots of things to consider when buying it, but really for chronic pain it works.  The only side effect I might have is that it makes me more sleepy.  Which may or may not be the CBD’s.  It could just be that I’m tired, lol.

The gluten-free thing….well, let’s just say I was not happy to hear that I should at least try it. I love my bread, especially when you’re out to eat and they give you warm ciabatta bread with dipping oil. When I had the stomach bug, I went gluten free for a short time because it seemed to help. Then, I found that Snyder’s gluten-free pretzels were awesome. I don’t particularly like pretzels but I LOVE these. Also found Mary’s crackers, which are by far my favorite cracker. These two discoveries made me hopeful that I could find other gluten-free products.

I have kind of tested it, not eating gluten for a day or two, then eating it, and seeing how my body reacts, and as far as I can tell, the gluten-free diet really seems to help. Today, Dan wanted me to make my baked chipotle mac and cheese, so we went to the store and got some gluten-free pasta. I made two types of mac and cheese, one regular for him, one gluten-free for me. We both tasted both and while the regular pasta was better, the gluten-free pasta was good. Good enough that I don’t mind eating it instead of the real thing. I also found decent english muffins, and some wraps I have yet to try. Oh and some nice dinner rolls. I’m not intending to go 100% gluten-free, but if I can get it to about 80% I know that will help.

It still cracks me up though, that the pack of wild-caught salmon we bought at Sam’s Club a couple weeks ago is labeled “gluten-free”. LOL! Really? Wild-caught fish is gluten-free? Shocking. I’ve noticed that on a lot of food now, like yogurt that’s gluten-free. Uh, duh. No, really? Yogurt is gluten-free?

We’ve been going to the beach about once a week, and the water is still over 80, so good to get in it and tread water for a half hour or so. We also manage to go in the hot tub and the pool daily when we are at Dan’s. That seems to help a lot.

I’ve put the trip to Italy on hold, until I can get the RA under control, because I know it will involve a lot of walking and I want to make sure I am able to do it. But Italy or no, life is good.

Love and light all.

2 responses to “Arthritis Updates: CBD’s and Gluten-Free

  1. The gluten free info is there because so many things aren’t even though you would never get. Many frozen meats are lightly floured so they don’t stick together in the bag. They have added thickeners to yogurts for years, it really is a huge risk for people who are allergic or celiac. It seems so silly but it actually matters. Potatoes chips, for instance often not gluten free. It’s gotten better lately but a few years ago I was ready to sell my soul for ketchup chips (that’s a weird Canadian flavour, so it may be weird to you). Soooo happy you found cbd helpful! I also love cbd I get it from copaiba instead of anything cannabis related (just because I found it worked, not any preference)

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