Happiness = Quality of Life

Ever notice how the coffee tastes so good some mornings? Or tea, or whatever your wake up thing is? It’s so chilly this morning here. So uncharacteristically cool at 57°. It’s like September in New England, which is a lovely time of year there. The sun is out, it is a brilliant morning. It will hit almost 80° later today. But right now, wrapped in my blanket, the coffee tastes so good.

Even though I am alone right now, I feel happy. I have been thinking about happiness, and what it takes to be happy. I suppose I could be upset, and feel a little down if I was inclined that way. After all, I have diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis. I have to really watch what I eat, and deal with some chronic pain.  But I just can’t get down about it, I mean, I can’t. I am not able to feel sorry for myself about it. I feel like my health overall is good.

I think it’s quality of life though, that makes us happy or not. So here I am in Florida where cold is 60°, where it’s sunny 90% of the time this time of year, where the beach is between a mile and 5 miles away, depending on where I want to go. I have this cute little house that I love. I don’t have to work any more! Ihave a bunch of new, good friends.  And most of all, I have a good man, a really good man to share it all with.

Diabetes and RA not withstanding, my quality of life is wonderful. I’m heading to my sisters today for the weekend. Beach time, pool and hot tub time, and maybe happy hour at our favorite place on the beach. Tomorrow night we have a Halloween party in her neighborhood. I can barely believe that after all the drama and hardship of the last 10 years, I am here, living this life. Even with a few physical ailments!

Time to get to work on those now that all else has fallen into place. Love and light, everyone.

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