A Lesson in Going With the Flow

It’s been a few days since I’ve written here. This morning I had some time, and sat down and wrote a piece on living in the flow has made my life so much better. I was almost done and just trying to draw some conclusion, or at least articulate it. I decided to go for a walk with Dan, and come back to it later, ostensibly when I returned.

Later turned into 4 or 5 hours later, and I came back to the lap top to finish it. Suddenly, my touchpad no longer worked. Luckily I have a touch screen computer, so was able to get it to shut down and restart, but not until I had saved my blog as a document. I thought it odd that I had to save it twice, but I did. Shut it down and restarted it, and still no touchpad. Grrrr.

I used the touch screen to access “Settings”, and then touch pad. I set the touch pad for “most sensitive” but it still didn’t work. So using the touchscreen, I accessed “other settings” and after doing a lot of searching, found one that said “Enable”. I touched it, and voila! The touch pad now works.

Back to the blog. With touch pad and touch screen working, I went to recent documents to retrieve the blog I’d saved twice. It appeared to come up, the title showed at the top of the page…but the page that loaded was blank. Try again, nothing. Whatever glitch caused my touch pad to be disabled, also made my blog disappear.

After taking a few deep breaths, cursing under them, I walked away from it for a few minutes. And thought, ok….go with the flow. The blog wasn’t meant to be published. Right? I mean, how do I know that? Because it’s gone……it is the way it is.

A lesson, as it were, in learning to go with the flow. Even when it’s a pain in the ass. Instead of posting the first blog which took me some time to write, and consider, I’m posting this one in it’s place. Which is probably not as interesting as the anecdotal one that is now floating out in cyberspace and the ethers somewhere, but more to the point. Go with the flow….I get it, universe. I get it.

Love and light to all

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