Memories of Woodstock (Though I Wasn’t There)

The 50th anniversary of Woodstock is in 2 years. That seems CRAZY. I was just graduated from high school in the summer of 1969.

We watched the movie Woodstock on Amazon the other day. Had to pay to rent it, $2.99. It was worth it. It was really fun to see all those great artists again, at their beginning. It did disappoint me in that it didn’t show some of the iconic bands playing their iconic songs that were sung there. Like Jefferson Airplane, later Jefferson Starship, did their songs White Rabbit and Don’t You Want Someone to Love at Woodstock, but the movie only showed some obscure (if any of them are) song. Still….crazy to watch Grace Slick and company. We really enjoyed Santana too. Man, can Carlos Santana shred a guitar. Arlo Guthrie singing “Flying into Los Angeles, bringing in a couple of keys” brought back a lot of memories. Lots of great talent, lots of people, it’s how it all began. I think the final count was something like 450,000 young people in attendance, less than 100 arrests, no violence, one birth.

I wonder, sometimes, where everyone from that “cultural revolution” went. Most of us (and I include myself loosely because it was my time in life, though I was in Iowa while Woodstock went on) kind of ended up in regular mainstream kind of lives for 40 years. With regular jobs, and families, and mortgage payments and credit cards. We were so full of ourselves in those days, thinking we were going to change the world. We just didn’t realize how slowly real change comes. Nor did we ever expect the polarizing politics that are in place today.

Now many of us are retired, or thinking about it. I’m retired and now live in a warmer climate. I live in a town full of people like me, and here, sometimes, it feels like the cultural revolution goes on, mellowed by age and life. Almost feels like a full circle kind of thing.

It was fun to watch the movie again, and relive memories of that very free and slightly wild time in my life. There have been some anniversary concerts, I think one of them had 50,000 attendees. I can’t imagine what the 50th anniversary concert will look like. I hope it’s grand, and some of the original artists are able to come back for it. I’ll keep an eye out for plans.

Far-out, and be cool.

One response to “Memories of Woodstock (Though I Wasn’t There)

  1. I wasn’t at Woodstock, either, being busy with puberty, etc. but I’m still a flower child at heart. Now, that I’m retired and can dress and act however I want, I am honoring the real me, the peace, love, and creativity, that was waiting to come out full force. My spare bedroom doubles as my art studio and is filled with color – mostly purple, and butterflies. I hope there will be Woodstock celebrations everywhere, and maybe, somehow, we can still be a powerful force of love.

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