Left-Over Bits and Pieces

Leftovers. We’ve been eating them for days. I am sick of them. And there’s more…..what to do? Throw away perfectly good food? It bothers me to do this, but at this point, I think we both are sick of turkey, and stuffing, and turkey soup. Maybe not Dan so much as me. He is still liking the stuffing.

I did get accolades for the dinner. Best stuffing, best twice-baked potatoes, best pumpkin pie ever. They said. It did turn out well, I have to admit, but it always does. My ex-mother-in-law’s recipes. I gotta give credit where it’s due. Her son may be totally screwed up, but the woman could cook. And taught me how to do what she does for the most part, when it comes to Thanksgiving.

It turned out to be a nice dinner. But by the end of dinner, since we cooked the whole thing, carried it next door to his mother’s house, and then back after, and did ALL the clean up because we were the only ones who could, we were exhausted. It took a couple days just to recuperate, and catch up on sleep. But I’m not complaining, I like doing it. Dan helped with everything. All the chopping for the stuffing, and cooking the sausage and helping me get it seasoned correctly. We literally spent 3 days in the kitchen together, and didn’t have one issue. In fact, it was enjoyable. It was wonderful to make preparing Thanksgiving dinner a joint project.

There was some drama going on with my family, though I wasn’t aware until after. I told my sister that maybe it’s being emphasized by Mercury being in retrograde because someone told me that Mercury was in retrograde. However, I just checked and it’s not, not until Sunday. Must be something else bumming people out, like the ismercuryinretrograde.com says. I was happy that the drama does not involve my life, for a change, but sad that it’s going on at all.

Now, the Christmas decorations are going up and it’s really nice to have someone to do that with, who enjoys it as well. I made the mistake of putting my decorations in my shed, where they’d be dry, last year. Not realizing the problem with bugs and critters that Florida has. Yesterday I spent a good amount of time washing out some of the old handmade ornaments that I’ve been keeping, and other stuff, like Christmas stockings and leaving them out on the deck to dry. But the lights all went up and more stuff will get finished today. It’s all good, because I went through the stuff and really sorted out what I didn’t want to keep. Thinned it out a lot, and figured out how to keep it in the house. Helps to have a tall man in the house who can reach high shelves.

Last week we had a few showery days, Thanksgiving being one of them. Since then, the weather here has been gorgeous. I still take delight in being in shorts and flip-flops at the end of November. We’re talking about going to the beach tomorrow or Wednesday. Just puts a smile on my face that that’s a possibility. The water in the gulf is probably down to 70°, so might not stay in it too long, but hey, that’s as warm as it ever gets in New England. I’m a little spoiled now I guess. But it will be a good day to refresh our tans.

Love and light everyone.

2 responses to “Left-Over Bits and Pieces

  1. It’s probably not a good idea to give a mother-in-law any credit for anything. They seem to take credit for all good and blame others for all bad.
    Might be their way of getting in on Both Sides.
    Just sayin’.
    Remember, “Both Sides” are better than one.

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