Net Neutrality, Or Cookie Sampling? Cookies Win.

As I was making cookies yesterday, Dan and I were sampling them as they cooled. Of course. I mean, of course! You have to know if they came out right, right? It was Dan’s first sampling of the Christmas cookies. He approved……

As we sampled them we noticed that we each had our own technique for eating them. As I bit a bite-sized butter, sugar, flour cookie with a maraschino cherry inside, dusted with powdered sugar, turning the single bite into at least 2 bites Dan popped the whole cookie in his mouth. I told him I turned it into smaller bites to make it last longer. He said he liked it in one bite so he made sure he got the whole thing, no crumbs on the table or bits on the floor.

I guess there is a personal science to eating Christmas cookies.

While we were baking, my son texted me, suggesting that I listen to the FCC vote on net neutrality. (He works in the tech industry, where it’s such a big deal.) Now, I have been against the repeal, but was not well informed about it. I mostly just felt it was another attack on one of the good things that Obama did. Another dismantling of something that seemed to me to be working.

However, I am not so involved in it that I wanted to listen to 2 hours of debate at the FCC. I told my son, “I hope it doesn’t pass but we’re listening to Christmas carols while we bake.” Which we were. It was kind of festive, despite the fact that the eggnog supply was depleted.

I did, then, google about the net-neutrality thing, in between cookies, and didn’t come up with a clear answer as to whether or not it would be a devastating thing to repeal the law or not. I still lean toward it not being a good thing, but maybe not as disastrous as I (and my son) feared. At any rate, the repeal passed and now we see what happens. Maybe there will be some effort in Congress or otherwise to stop their ruling from becoming law.

Cookies got made. I’m making more this morning, though God knows why. I guess I’m on a roll. I took a plate of them to open mic night last night. One of my friends who plays regularly at open mic and is a gifted guitarist had posted on FB that he had a calamity occurring. It was dawn and he was down to one cookie. I walked up to him and said, “I heard there was a cookie emergency.” He had to do a double take to figure out who I was, with the reindeer antlers on my head, and a blinking red Rudolf nose on my face, and blinking Christmas light bulb earrings. He figured it out, and decided the cookies were safe and took a few.

Today I am packing some, many, of the cookies up to send to my son. He’s pretty excited.

Love and light to all.

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