BAH HUMBUG, A Little. And Some Joy.

My icemaker crapped out. Just stopped. Just in time for the holidays. There’s a repair guy coming tomorrow. My fridge is maybe 2 years old, but has only been used slightly more than a year. Merry Christmas to me.

On top of that, just before we realized that the icemaker was not making ice, I signed a contract to replace the rest of the windows in my house, 8 to be exact. I replaced 7 last year, and now will do the rest. The old ones are circa 1960, jalousied windows, that don’t completely shut any longer and had to be covered with plywood for the hurricane. I thought that was my Christmas present to myself, but an old house is the gift that keeps on giving and now I can add the icemaker repair bill to my gifts to myself.


I guess it’s not all that bad, I expected to spend the money on the windows. They will save me money on my insurance, to have all new hurricane windows, and save me money on my electric bill.

I have a real Christmas present from Dan, though it was not his intention to make it a Christmas present. He installed a closet organizer in the alcove of my bedroom and doubled my closet space, so now there is actually space for him to hang some shirts. He also is making me more shelving for the kitchen, which will help tremendously. Houses built in 1927 did not make storage a big priority. Though the kitchen was done over before I moved in, it could use more storage. He has fixed my fence too, and built a couple of steps off my deck to make it safer, and begun creating flower beds in my yard.

Merry Christmas to me, for real.

Don’t worry, I have some things for him for Christmas too, besides 10 dozen cookies which we just put in the freezer. Way too tempting to leave out all the time.

My son called me in a panic the other day. He had a flat tire….and needed all new tires. So, he got his Christmas present early, in the form of tires which cost more than I’d planned to give him in cash. I am

happy I could help him out that way, though it somehow lacks that Christmas joy thing. Not really, I guess. I have peace of mind that he’s driving on safe tires.

I mailed him a package anyway….with about 6 dozen Christmas cookies, and some stuff that I usually put in his stocking like deodorant and a new toothbrush and an Amazon gift card, just because I couldn’t bear for him not to have anything to open on Christmas.

Merry Christmas to him.

Luckily, Christmas is not all about the money spent. More about the people we spend it with, and this year, I’m really looking forward to spending it with this man I adore, and his family, and all that entails. My older sister and her hubby are going to spend Christmas with her daughter, and my son is spending it in Colorado with his girlfriend and her family, so it will just be Dan and I here, enjoying the beautiful Florida weather, and each other. Feeling blessed.

Love and light to all

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