Cell Phone Struggles

Maybe the week before Christmas is the wrong time to change cell phone carriers and set up new phones. Ya think? Geezus. I would rather have a tooth pulled. Well, maybe. Maybe not. But I will say it’s not a pleasant experience.

Dan and I both had to get pin numbers from our old accounts to unlock our phones. To do this you have to contact the carrier, unless you have it. You have to have the password and account number to get the pin.

We went to the T-mobile store to transfer over our numbers to the new phones, iPhone 8’s, which were buy one get one free. My son works for T-Mobile in CO and set up the account and sent us the phones. We had the passwords but not the PIN numbers so we couldn’t do it. I came home and spent a half hour on the phone with Sprint to get the PIN number. We had to get the account number and password from Dan’s son-in-law, which took most of the day to get, since he in CO and working. Then sat on the phone with ATT to get his PIN. And ATT made us reset the PIN, they couldn’t give us the current one. Finally, we have the PIN and my son can port the phone number over to T-Mobile.

Then, my old phone was not paid off yet. So, when they ported the number to T-Mobile yesterday, I got a message from Sprint saying I needed to drop off the phone to them or pay it off before I sold or traded it. So, ok, I have to go to Sprint and turn in the phone.

Next, we had a voucher from my son to get the free iPhone. My son gave me the voucher number in a text. This morning I went online to use the voucher so I will get the 2nd phone free and for some reason, all of my texts with my son transferred over to the new phone, except the few days this week where he sent me this voucher number. I texted him this morning to send it to me again.

Hopefully, today it will all be finished, and I can forget about the phones except to use them. I have to say I have not found much difference between the iPhone 7 and 8. The 8 has a bigger memory, a better camera, and the volume can be turned up louder. Oh, and you can charge it by laying it on a charger instead of plugging it in, if you want to buy that kind of charger for who knows how much money. I never really found it a problem to plug my phone into a cord. (Shakes head…..) All of my apps transferred over and my music, and play lists. That was much easier than the last time I got a new phone, when I had to download all the apps again, and remake my playlists.

I guess now I can get back to preparing for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinners. And wrap presents. And finish buying them. And buying cards for a couple of people. Better get going.

Love and light everyone.

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