On Being Cold

OMG, it’s cold in Connecticut!!!!! 11° this morning. And in Denver. And in Cleveland. Even Austin TX is only 39. But here in sunny Florida it is 65° at 9 AM and heading to 75°.

Although there are many reasons I love living here, NOT dealing with 11°, EVER, is a major one of them. Look at this week’s forecast for my old hometown, and my new one.

Negative degrees is WAY too cold for me. Single digits is way too cold. Under freezing ALL WEEK is way to cold. My little sis used to live in Bozeman, Montana. She would say, when it was that cold, that it was cold enough to freeze the bugars in your nose. Note that she now lives in Austin, TX, which is cold this morning, 39°, but that is infinitely better than 11°.

What do I hate about being cold? I hate having to dress in 5 layers every day and still never be warm. I hate how the furniture in the house never is warm when you sit on it. (Maybe that was just me, because I couldn’t afford to heat the house above 65° when I lived up there.) When I moved into my house up there, I loved having a garage for the first time in my life, because at least I didn’t have to unload the groceries out in the cold (or rain, or snow.) I hate how it takes your car forever to warm up, and how much I missed having seat warmers when I traded my Malibu for a Sentra.

And I hate having the bugars freeze in my nose.

Even snow, which I really hated dealing with, particularly driving in, looked beautiful from a distance when I saw my friends pics of it on Christmas. Of course then I remembered how cold it was when it snowed, and quickly got over that thought.

Here in Florida we think it’s cold when it gets to 60°. We have to wear pants instead of shorts, and real shoes instead of flip flops. Sometimes even a sweater or a jacket. Ocasionally, we even flip our thermostats onto “heat” to “take the chill out.” Oh no! Of all things!

I’m just going to say though, that going through my phone’s weather app to see what the weather is in places where people I love live, I feel totally blessed to be here. In those other places, 60° is a dream that won’t come true for another few months.

Guess I’ll get going. Lots of stuff to do today in this lovely weather. For those of you in that cold weather pattern that seems to be everywhere but here, I hope you stay warm and cozy.

Love and light.

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