Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! Hope everyone had a happy holiday season this year.

I just got back from a few days at my sisters, so have been out of touch for a bit. I have internet there, but had no time, lol. Saturday and Sunday were beautiful. Highs close to 70, so we went swimming and hot-tubbing both days. New Year’s Eve we sat around my sisters new firepit and had cocktails, and then went to a local party in her neighborhood and all her friends got to meet Dan. It was a little pressure for him, I guess, lol, but he handled it well and I’m sure he won them all over. They are a nice bunch of people. In the end, Dan said it was one of the nicest New Years he’s ever had, and me too. Just low key and laid back. None of us stayed up for the ball drop.

Now we are going to work at losing the weight we gained over the holidays (and before). I am so disgusted with myself, really. Both Dan and I had too many Christmas goodies, and really good meals, and now we am on austerity, trying to break my sugar/chocolate addiction. Cutting the carbs. My sis is doing the same, so hopefully we will support each other and manage to lose the lbs we’ve gained. I weighed myself this morning to have a real starting point.

Yesterday the weather turned pretty cold and rainy, very un-Florida like. Highs in the 50’s with drizzly rain. It’s nice for a change but now today is the 2nd day of it, and it’s old, lol. We actually have a windchill of 32° here, though I know that is warm compared to what everyone up north is dealing with. I saw that tRump was saying we need more global warming in one of his tweets, thinking he was being funny I’m sure. What an idiot.

I gotta get on the move and get some laundry done, and errands run. Hope everyone stays warm til the Polar Express is back up in the netherlands. Love and light.

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