Thoughts at 3 AM

Up in the middle of the night. It’s a rare occurrence any more. We had a really nice dinner tonight, NY strip steaks on the grill, roasted potatoes, salad and a bottle of wine. I’ve not been drinking much wine lately because it spikes my sugar too much, but today we had such a good day I felt like having wine with dinner. At any rate, I woke up about 2:30 and tossed and turned for a bit. I put on my White Noise app on my phone of ocean waves crashing rhythmically. Dan was also awake, and we talked about getting up for a little while. I suddenly got a huge muscle cramp in the back of my thigh, I couldn’t even straighten my leg for a minute. That was enough to get me out of bed, and sitting with a hot pad on the couch. As I got up I could feel a small knot in the other thigh. WTF? Did I need water? I don’t know, but I am sitting with a glass of water writing this. Dan’s in the kitchen, cutting up a cantaloupe we bought at the store today.

Why was the day so good? Because we both got a lot done around my house, and enjoyed each others company. We always enjoy each other. It was nice not to feel exhausted at some part of the day, which can happen with the RA. We both have been sleeping well, and neither of us are historically good sleepers, though I have to say, I will have to change my thoughts about that because I sleep well way more often than not. It helps not to have a bunch of drama in my life.

Dan just brought the cut up cantaloupe in to me to sample, it is so sweet, it’s like candy.

I’m excited for Sunday, because a.) it is supposed to be in the upper 60’s again after a week of cold weather, and b.) my writers group is coming over in the afternoon. I’m going to make, I think, a purple velvet torte. It’s very weird, lol, but I love it. It’s made with beets, and cocoa, and agave nectar and eggs. Gluten free. (Which is good for me) Serve it with whipped cream. The first time I ate it at a girlfriends, I had to ask her what the heck I was eating. There’s no way you’d have any idea what it was made from.

My son has been planning to come see me in March. Now he’s talking about bringing the GF and GFD with him. I am not so excited about that. They have been together as long as Dan and I, but I guess I’d just rather he came alone, since I haven’t seen him in almost a year. Not to mention that I don’t think they have the money to buy 2 more plane tickets. It’s not my call though. I mean, I guess I could say no, I don’t want them to come, but honestly, I think that would cause a rift in our relationship, and certainly not do anything to build one with this girl, who may be in my life for a long while. So, all I can do is suggest to him that he make sure they can afford to buy two more tickets. We’ll have to see.

Just random ruminations in the middle of the night. Nothing really on my mind, just clearing my head out, so I can go back to sleep. I am beginning to feel sleepy again, ready to head back to bed for a few more hours sleep. G’night all.

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