You know, sometimes you just spend the day saying WTH.

Sitting up, playing cards. So tired I am coming close to face planting on the table, so I go to bed. I wake up an hour later with stupid legs. WTH? My legs decide now is a good time to get restless? So I get up I walk around. I end up here, writing. WTH? I want to sleep, that’s all.

Go out to dinner. To a place we’ve been before, and liked. Except this time, the service is abominable. We wait a half hour for our food, and get the wrong side orders. The place is empty, there are only about 3 tables with people. Then we have to wait for our check. We can see our waiter in the kitchen gabbing away, paying no attention to us. WTH?

I flipped a switch on a kitchen light, to leave it on when Dan and I head for his place. It won’t go on. I get a bulb and tall Dan changes it. It still won’t go on. Not the bulb. We don’t have time to figure it out, we need to go. We get back today, and another light near the the one that is out won’t go on when I flip the switch. No breakers out. Dan finds the GFI breaker is popped on my toaster oven. Why? I mean good, it was an easy fix. The lights work now, and the toaster oven but, WTH? Why did the GFI pop?

When I don’t write, I don’t get many views on my blog, and don’t expect to. There are 2 people in CT who view my blog a few times a day, even if I don’t write. If I do write, they might hit it 10 times. I know who they are, courtesy of an app I have installed. An old boyfriend, and his ex(?)-girlfriend. They don’t follow my blog, just read it all the time. Why not just follow it and wait for a notice? I won’t even ask why they read it. I do know that if I didn’t see them visiting on the app, I would rarely even think about either one of them. WTH? I mean, really? WTH? Get a life, you two. Seriously.

I’m falling asleep sitting here writing this. Maybe I can sleep now, maybe my legs have stopped. WTH?

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