It’s COLD, and I’m Whining?

It’s 29° here this morning. WTF. 29°. Geezus. Dan wanted to go to the hot tub. NO. He did go outside and rescue the basil plant outside his kitchen slider. I didn’t hear any more about the hot tub after that, though he is still dressed in shorts. I think he’s hoping he will find out shortly we are in the twilight zone. Record cold.

I should not complain. It’s only going to be cold for two days and then will get back at least to the 60’s. I refuse to go outside until it is at least 40°. I have not been here long enough to not remember what 29° is like. And it’s windy, wind chill is 20°. WTF??!! I don’t want to have wind chills down here in paradise. My little town here closes up in cold weather. Open mic night is canceled, for the 2nd time this winter due to cold. I want Florida to come back.

I suppose I should tell you that it was 71° yesterday afternoon. I just didn’t want to, because I sound like a whiny baby. Whine Wine Wine.

So it’s been a busy few days, looking at different coverings for my driveway, settling on crushed shells. Calling the plumber because the sewer backed up again. UGH. Last year I spent $3000 to fix the problem. And now it’s back. The plumber came and reamed it out, for no charge. But there are now roots in my sewer line. The sewer line on my street runs behind the houses, under the cement pad that my shed is on. None of that is good news. We are exploring options, but at least it’s not backed up at the moment.

I may have friends from Iowa here this weekend. It would be fun, but with my sewer problems, I don’t think they can stay at my house. I think they can stay at another friends though, close by. It will be nice to see them. They are childhood friends. We all have been friends since we were 12 and 13.

I guess the whine is over for now. Love and light everyone.

7 responses to “It’s COLD, and I’m Whining?

  1. Waaa waaa waaa.
    When it’s 29 degrees here, we go outside naked just to feel the sun on our skin.
    The Mother Land can be inhospitable to your average naked man, but we never complain. The KGB might come and visit. Ask our shoe pounding President of the 60’s.

    • What’s crazy is that the main sewer line runs behind the house, between properties. Not under the street. Don’t think there were too many codes for building anything down here when this house was built or when the sewers went in. But yes, we’re going to try the root kill thing. Do you have sewers where you are, or septic?

      • That is strange. Is the line behind your house the city/county’s responsibility or yours? My main sewer line runs in front of the house. The part up to the sidewalk is my responsibility and the part beyond is the city’s.

        • My fence abuts my neighbor I the back who is on the next street. It’s crazy. When the plumber was here the other day Dan asked him if he’d ever seen a sewer line run to the back of a house. He could tell dan was from up north, he’s got a dead giveaway Boston accent. The guy said “hey I’m from New Jersey. They do stuff down here that boggles the mind.” Lol. Seriously makes no sense. But I have to deal with it. It runs under a cement pad in the back where my shed stands. 🤨😏

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