Question of the Day: Manifesting Our Dreams – Reality or Coincidence?

At Dan’s suggestion, I’m going to try to post a question of the day every day, and hope I can get some conversations going. These may range from the very serious to the very absurd, but all comments are welcome! I think it might be fun, at any rate. If you might have any suggestions for a question, just ask in the comments and I’ll post it, unless it is inappropriate. You know, not fit for public discussion….

So, today’s question is: Have you ever manifested a dream into reality?

I have. I was going to say “I think I have” but I don’t think it, I know it. Some people think the fact that my dreams became reality is a coincidences. I think when they so closely resemble the picture I had in my head there is something more at work there. The law of attraction, and/or the universe working in my behalf.

Briefly, these are my successful manifestations.

1. My house in CT. During my 4 year divorce, I did not wish ill on my ex, as a rule. Of course there were times I prayed for his demise but they were short lived, lol, and not sincere. But the house I dreamed of in detail. And I got exactly what I dreamed of.

2. That my son would be with me, in that house. It was his doing, but it was my dream and so, I have to say the universe conspired in both our behalves.

3. My move to Florida, and finding a home exactly as I dreamed of. Small, bright, happy, close to the water.

4. As I’ve said many times, Dan. A good-looking, sexy, thoughtful, kind, considerate man who knows who he is and has a strong sense of right and wrong. And he loves me back, lol.

But there have been good arguments against believing I manifested these dreams as well, and while I acknowledge their validity, I still choose to believe we are the makers of our reality by focusing our thoughts on what we want, not on what we don’t want, or what we want others to say, do, or feel. (Just an aside, but during that 4 year divorce, my ex focused on ruining me financially, and ruining my relationship with my son. Both things are exactly what happened to him, proving, to me at least, that what you think about and focus on is what you will bring to yourself.) I think it takes practice, and focus, but that eventually we learn to duck when we say “Oh shit!” Start with manifesting a parking place at the grocery store. I’m pretty good now, at manifesting a good spot, if I remember to give it a few minutes thought on the way there. Really.

Anyway, tell me your thoughts! I’d love to hear! Or, write a blog and link it back here, if you have too much to say for a comment. And, love and light to all.

7 responses to “Question of the Day: Manifesting Our Dreams – Reality or Coincidence?

  1. I believe with all my heart and also my brain that my wishes, prayers, and imagining has brought things to me (with God’s help.) I prayed and imagined a compatible partner for five years, and my high school sweetheart, who’d been living 700 miles away in CT for 39 years, found me when the time was perfect.(Details are in my book.) I’d promised myself in January not to look for a partner until my daughter graduated in June of 2011. David found me the day after she graduated. I prayed to be delivered from my stressful job, and now I’m retired. I prayed for my son to get custody of his daughter. I fixed up a room for her to come visit me. Against the odds, my son got custody in July and my grand daughter stayed with me during the holidays. Oh yeah, I believe. But there are other powers/forces at work, too. Question of the day is a great idea!

    • I kind of knew the story of your hubby finding you, and I hoped you’d comment here about it. It’s amazing when you put a picture in youor head in detail, and just focus on it. Dan is exactly the man I dreamed of, looked for for so long. My two homes are exactly what I dreamed of too. I would guess that the universe (my name for God) may have had a hand in it, but I really believe that thoughts are things, and attact what you think about. I’m so glad you like the idea of the question of the day. Now I just have to keep up my commitment to it, lol.

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