Question of the Day: Where Do You Find Your Greatest Peace?

I have always called the ocean my second home, because it is where I feel the most peace. I love to be on it more than beside it, but these days beside it is where I find myself, and am happy to be. I love the motion, the big broad unfettered horizons, and the beauty of dropping anchor in some small harbor, letting the water rock me to sleep.

So my question is, where is your spot to breathe, to find peace, to leave the noise behind, and regroup?

I never understood why I am so attracted to the ocean, because I grew up in Iowa, three blocks from the Mississippi River.  (I got an answerr a few years ago, but that’s too long a story for now.)  I remember in school, when kids would come back to school in September and tell you they’d been to the ocean that summer on vacation, we would look at them in awe, and tell them how lucky they were. When I moved to CT, and got married, it wasn’t long until we had a boat we could take out on the ocean. We moved up in size of boat, so we could go farther, stay longer and be more comfortable. I often have said that the boat made me stay married much longer than I should have been, because I just didn’t want to give up that life.

Then I realized that even the boating life could get tainted by a bad marriage. Which may lead to another question, for another day.

Please tell me where your place is, and why it is. Or, write your own blog about it, and link it back here in a comment, so others can find it.

As always, love and light to all.

13 responses to “Question of the Day: Where Do You Find Your Greatest Peace?

  1. I am with you 💯 The water has always held a special place in my heart & soul. So much so, that I swam before I learned how to walk. Peace personified.

    Another great post! Thankful for your blog. 💙

  2. When I lived on the prairies…it was the prairies. Then I lived in the mountains…..and currently now, the ocean. But overall….whenever I am with family, especially my daughter, then that is my greatest peace!

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