Question of the Day: Do You Play Card Games

Do you play any card games? If so what game, and why that game?

We started playing cards a while ago. We play gin, and whoever gets to 100 points first wins. I suppose you could play it to any number you wanted, but 100 works for us. We have found it a nice way to unwind the day, in the evening with a glass of ice water or a glass of wine. We have been known to get up in the middle of the night and play when neither of us can sleep. We’ll play one game, til we are ready to face plant on the table, and then go back to bed and actually fall asleep. (Note, we have done the same thing with the hot tub, but when the temp out is in the 40’s we’re not so keen to walk over there in our bathing suits.)

I was terrible at first, because I was learning, but now I win quite often, although Dan is the more skilled player. He seems to know when to hold out for gin better than I. I like playing though because we sit and talk, undistracted by the TV, and we have a few laughs. It’s not something I ever imagined I’d do on a regular basis, but I do, and I enjoy it. I only know how to play gin and 31, but 31 you need more than 2 people for it to be a good game. We play that when we’re at my sister and brother-in-laws house.

So, I’m just wondering if you play at all, and if so is it for relaxation, or entertainment, or even money. Tell me what game, and maybe I’ll be able to expand my repertoire beyond gin and 31.

Love and light to all.

9 responses to “Question of the Day: Do You Play Card Games

  1. I cannot tell you the last time I played a card game. When I was much younger, late teens, early to mid 20’s, I played Spades religiously. I also played Tonka and tons of Go Fish. LOL. I don’t play any card games now.

  2. I played cards a lot as a kid (fish and war) and some as a teenager (rummy, spades, and later Uno. But it’s been many years. I kinda miss it sometimes. Maybe I’ll play cards again some day if I can remember how. Enjoy!

    • I’ve never played cribbage, but we’ve thought about learning how. We’ve played backgammon but I was terrible at it, lol. Kept going the wrong way or miscounting. I finally did get the strategies somewhat but still like cards better.

      • Me too! Terrible at that ‘back-wagon’ game, as I called it! Bridge throws me for a loop … jut get dizzy thinking of it. But crib….just enough math to make it intriguing, but short enough to win or lose .. FAST! LOL!

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