Question of the Day: Sunrise or Sunset

Question of the Day

Sunrise or Sunset? Which do you prefer?

I always considered myself a morning person, because I used to be up around 5:30 every day. I wanted to have at least an hour to myself before I began getting ready for work, and leaving the house at 8. As such, I became enamored of sunrise. From May through mid-September, that meant I was up for the sunrise, usually on my deck. I loved watching and listening to the world wake up. When I moved to Florida, where the sun comes up a bit later than up north, I was still in the habit of waking early, and so would take walks down along the water and see the sunrise over the bay. It’s so quiet, the light is so intimate. Sunsets are beautiful but one is rarely the only person at the end of the pier watching it. In the evening there is the noise of traffic and music and loud voices at the bars on the waterfront. Nothing like the peace of the morning.

Now, even though I still prefer sunrise to sunset, I rarely see it. Sitting out on my deck early is an invitation to the mosquitoes and “no-see-ums” to have breakfast. But occasionally, we do see the sunrise, and I still get the same peace. I guess that even though I’m not as productive as I used to be in the morning, I would still consider myself a morning person. I see sunsets more often now, since the Gulf of Mexico has some of the most beautiful sunsets ever, and it’s only about 5 or 6 miles from my house, making it easy to drive there on the spur of the moment, get a glass of wine and stand at water’s edge, waiting from the mythical “green flash.”

So which do you enjoy the most? Tell me in a comment, or write your own blog, and link it back here so others can read about it.

Love and light, as always.

9 responses to “Question of the Day: Sunrise or Sunset

  1. I’ve been a night owl most of my life, so sunsets are my preference. But that makes sunrises extra special when I do drag myself out to see one. Sunrises are exciting – giving birth to the day – just not exciting enough to override my firmly entrenched nocturnal habits.

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