Question of the Day: What’s Your Favorite Season?

Question of the Day

What is your favorite season and why? Or, do you love all seasons equally?

Before I moved to Florida, it was summer. Always summer. Since I was little, I loved the laid back, long hot days of summer with no school. I’ve always felt that we should still have summer off, lol. Summer solstice was always one of my favorite days up north, when the sun set after 9 PM, and was up by 5. It was rarely too hot for me, even the 95° days. Maybe because I usually spent them on the water, where it was usually cooler.

In Florida, I found that summer months mean a LOT of rain. It’s synonymous with monsoon season. There’s a saying down here that there are 2 seasons, monsoon and tourist. It’s not quite that bad, at least not here in the small town where I live. Tourist season is upon us, and many places are really busy, restaurants do a booming business at night and there is a lot of traffic to the beaches.

But this time of year, here is perfect. The weather is dry and temps around 80° during the day, around 65 at night so you can sleep with the windows open. I have to say that spring and fall are my favorite seasons here. Because they are a lot like summer up north.

So tell me, which do you like the best? Spring, summer, winter, or fall. I love to get all your comments on my questions, but if you feel moved to, write a blog and link it back so everyone can share.

As always, love and light to everyone.

10 responses to “Question of the Day: What’s Your Favorite Season?

  1. Autumn and Winter are my favorite seasons because I get to truly explore and see just how alive things are even when they’re supposed to be “dead”. Plus, layers… I love layering up in the cold weather and snuggling with Jernee and snow! 😊

  2. Easily the fall for various reasons. I can layer up on my favorite clothes, I can’t stand sweating when I’m dressed up, (It’s cuffing season) LOL…joking. The best colors come out during that time. Earth tones. Love them. Nothing like long walks and conversation with the one you love on a fall afternoon. Not too cold, not too warm.

  3. My favorite season is autumn with spring a close second. Autumn is a relief from the heat of the summer, but September is still warm enough to go swimming where I live. But if you ask me in a few weeks, I might say spring is my favorite. 🙂

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