Question of the Day: Grocery Lists – Yes or No?

Question of the day.

Do you make a shopping list before you go grocery shopping?

There should be a 2nd question: Do you remember to bring it, and use it?

Because, I almost always make a list. And, I almost always forget something that is on the list, like the main thing I am going to the store for. I once added aluminum foil to the list for 3 weeks before I remembered to buy it. (By the way, have you tried the non-stick aluminum foil? It’s awesome!!Nothing sticks to it. Absolutely nothing.) And I have been known to make an elaborate list, with all my coupons clipped to it, and leave it on the kitchen table.

I used to write them out by hand, and had categories like meat, dairy, produce, grocery, toiletries. Now, I usually make them online, using the Publix (the store I use down here) app that lets you make it as you peruse the weekly flyer. Then I print it out. It’s kinda cool, because it tells you where the item is in the store, and if there’s a special what it is. Like if it’s BOGO, so you don’t forget to get 2 of them.

Dan and I usually go together, which has it’s benefits and it’s drawbacks. Benefit is we have stuff in two refrigerators, mine and his, and often one of us can remember where it is, so we don’t buy it again for the place that has it. Drawbacks of shopping together is we sometimes spend way too much money on stuff we don’t really need but that looks good at the time. We’re getting better about that though.

So, tell me, do you use a shopping list? Do you remember it? Leave me a comment, or if you want write a blog and link it back here so everyone can share.

As always, love and light to all.

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