Question of the Day: Do You Live Intentionally?

Question of the day

Do you set intentions for the life you live?

I once heard Oprah say that after she learned the power of Intention, she required her staff, upon presenting her with ideas for shows, to tell her what the intention of the show was. She wanted to know that there was a reason, a positive reason for every show. I’m sure it was very much a big part of the reason for her success.

I’m thinking that intentions are part and parcel of manifesting our dreams. In my own life, unwittingly setting intentions at first, and now, consciously…has helped to bring me where I am today. I say unwittingly at first, because I didn’t realize that making a greater plan and then every day, figuring out what I could do to further that plan along was setting an intention. I went to court constantly during my divorce, not thinking of it as setting an intention, but intending to move along my plan to free my child and get what was mine. I also didn’t realize that dreaming of a specific type of man, in detail, was setting an intention to find him. But I did. Find him. After a few false starts, which were false because I didn’t dream of him in enough detail. I left too much to chance, lol, and got what I got. Now….I have exactly the man I dreamed of, and I believe, wholeheartedly that it helped to set an intention to find him.  Not to mention things like moving here, finding my home, making friends, being near family.  All done intentionally.

Intentions…..what is your purpose in doing what you’re doing? In writing, in creating, in living? Do we do them mindfully, do we have a plan, are we willing to try even if we aren’t sure of the outcome?

My intention on this Valentine’s Day is to intentionally live out the “Happily Ever After” that has come into my life.

So, tell me, do you set intentions for your life? Or might you after giving it some thought? I’d love to hear, in a comment or a blog linked back to this one.

As ever, love and light to all.

4 responses to “Question of the Day: Do You Live Intentionally?

  1. Interesting question. Not sure how to answer it. Perhaps not intentions, but more like ….. intuitions. If someone says to me, ‘They did that intentionally…” it has a negative connotation. But, if someone says, ‘I had an intuition…” is more positive, hopefully, in outcome and purpose. What do I know … I like salt on my watermelon ….. intentionally! LOL!

  2. I definitely believe in intention, and attraction of what we think and imagine. Like you, imagining a compatible partner worked very well after a couple of detours when my intentions were fuzzy, probably from being wounded. But that’s history! I would like my intentions to be more clear about my emotions and responding to people in my life with peace. So, thanks for getting me to take a closer look! 🙂

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